Olam International is a global agricultural commodity trading & supply chain business.
In 2017 we abandoned traditional HR approaches, as long passed their sell date, we sought a science based approach to reassessing our workplace set up, our behaviours and beliefs.
Olam Australia engaged Johnathon Herrington, given the link between elite military, sports and commodity trading . Over an 18 month period working closely with Johnathon and his team, Olam Australia has transformed itself, achieving a 22% increase in engagement but more importantly a level of cohesion allowing us to accelerate to industry best in all but one of our 6 business units.
Johnathon’s insights, inspiration and structured processes have laid the foundation for our current industry leadership and our approach to working in the modern economy.
I could not recommend Johnathon highly enough and would be happy to discuss and or demonstrate our business results.

Bruce Highfield

Executive GM People and Safety

The wellness program really shows that my company cares about us as stuff. participating in the program I’ve already noticed that I’m more focused, sleep better and I’ve changed my eating habits. I look forward to our coaching and group exercise sessions. I even come in on my days off to take part in the program because it’s fun.

This program produced exceptional results for individuals and teams in our organisation. Through detailed assessments using cutting edge technology to assess daily stress and recovery, quality of sleep and productivity. The individualised coaching really helped us understand more about ourselves, how we each react and cope with stress, improving our behavior to better managing our work lifestyle integration and increase our optimal health and performance.

Innture Group

Your High-Performance Program allowed our team to build relationships with their colleagues and also gain a better understanding of each others preferred ways of working and communicating. I have no doubt this program has had a huge impact on our workplace culture and our overall work performance.

SME Search Pty Ltd

This program has helped me tremendously in navigating how I approach work and home. I found the program very interesting, inspiring and it was delivered brilliantly

Allen Moore

The program allowed me to build relationships with my colleagues that I didn’t work closely with day to day. Personally, I think this is of huge value to the workplace culture overall.

Courtney Harris