Johnathon Herrington, lead facilitator and coach

To make lasting improvements in health and wellbeing, your plan of action needs to be tailor-made.

So first we help you understand your current situation by offering two key assessments.

Energy Audit

You can’t change the number of hours in the day, but you can change the energy you bring to it.

Increasing and sustaining your energy means more engagement, higher performance, better relationships, improved health and wellbeing, and stronger leadership.

Take our energy audit to learn which energy quadrants are currently supporting you, and which need your attention.

You will discover specific actions to boost your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy in your unique circumstances.

Employee Health Check

More important than the number on the scale is what your body is made up of.

In a 2-minute scan you can discover how much muscle, bone and fat you have. You’ll also learn where your fat is stored, what your “fitness age” is, and how they’re impacting on your wellbeing and performance.

With your results in hand you’ll have a concrete way of measuring the impact of improvements in your stress management, eating habits and exercise. Measuring your improvements against this baseline gives you tangible motivation.