Executive coaching to unlock both your performance and vitality

At all levels, we need guidance. The higher you rise, the lonelier it feels.

A coach is someone in your corner to help you pause, reflect, and steer through the tough stuff. Achieve real results while regaining (rather than sacrificing) your health and quality of life

Group Coaching To Boost Both Performance And Culture

In group coaching, individuals achieve their own work goals while breaking down the silos. Participants benefit from sharing insights and encouragement with each other.

Plus, they build relationships that benefit the organisation long after coaching concludes.

Life coaching to achieve more goals with less effort

Are there things you want but you feel “stuck” or “lost” on how to get them?

Having a life coach is like taking your smartest and most encouraging friends and rolling them into one. We make sure you stay accountable to yourself and achieve the outcomes you want.

Coaching tools we are accredited to use with you

  • TMS Team Management Profile – for personal, team and leadership development
  • TMS Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient Profile (QO2) – to understand your approach to risk
  • TMS Linking Leaders Profile – feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in key behaviours

  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) – why you do things and how you relate to others

  • Health and energy assessments – body composition analysis, heart rate variability data and our energy scorecard.

  • Neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy – coaching modes to get your subconscious onboard

Get in touch to discuss what type of coaching is right for you.