Sustainable Futures Program

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When you customise a Sustainable Futures program for your employees, they become better equipped to deal with the relentless pace of life and its inevitable complexities.

Without proactively developing resilience, many employees suffer fatigue, burn-out and ultimately mental health issues.

The Sustainable Futures Program addresses the hierarchy of needs at both a human level and professional level.

As a result, participants will spend more time in the optimal performance zone – where they’re challenged but not overwhelmed. In turn they achieve more and have greater health and wellbeing.

The program runs over 3- to 6-months to help participants move from knowing what to do, to making long-lasting change.

We help each employee achieve:

  • at least one hour per day less in the unproductive stress zone
  • a minimum 3-year reduction in their “BioAge” per person
  • an extra 4 hours of the working week spent in focused, effective work
  • an average increase in their stress threshold of 20%.

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