The F3 corporate well-being program

1. Well-being familiarization workshop

A complementary introduction to corporate well-being and improving vitality and performance.

2. Goal setting

We analyse your organisation’s needs and set well-being goals in line with your overall strategy.

This includes deciding who you’ll invite to take part. Most of our clients start with their leadership teams, high-performers and high-potentials.

3. Data and assessments

We collect comprehensive data to personalise your program and each person’s action plans.

We give your staff access to innovative, wearable technology to discover how their body is:

  • reacting to stress
  • recovering
  • being physically active
  • using energy.

Together with this data, our BioAge and lifestyle assessments then create a thorough picture of each employee’s physical, emotional, cognitive and lifestyle health.

We take stock of everything from blood pressure to nutrition to resilience in a compassionate, supportive manner.

We find the BioAge assessment is particularly motivating. It compares your “biological” age to your “chronological” age.

We usually conduct the assessments in group workshops, including a group debrief.

4. Individual coaching and action planning

Our experienced, qualified health coach helps each person put together a practical and realistic action plan to improve their well-being and performance.

Each person’s plan is tailored to their particular needs, based on their data.

Regular one-on-one coaching over about three months helps turn action plans into lasting improvements in health and performance.

5. Group well-being workshops

We can design further education workshops to address particular needs in your organisation.

6. Tracking and reporting

When we repeat the assessments at the end of the program, your employees see how changes to their habits are paying off.

At the organisational level, we report on the financial, operational and health outcomes of your investment.

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